Mark Walker

Mark Walker




It all starts with a vision: the Infinite Story of the Eternally Female and the exponentiating power of love. Mark Walker's works move in this electric field - flooded with light, futuristic, mysterious.

Pictures as well as sculptures work with layers. Sophisticated use of view, insights and outlooks arouse the viewer's interest in what is concealed by the surface. Sharp outlines, but also meandering shadows together with incoming, flowing light create a light-space which is both complex and subtile, and which fills the aesthetically cool steel sculptures with warm life. Reflections, encounters of inside and outside allow the viewer to encounter himself inside the sculpture - in an easy and playful manner.

The artist works the steel with a technique reminiscent of silhouette. If the cut-out areas are unfolded, the intriguing effects of duality in one or unity in two are the result. The alternating, the merging, the complementing and drifting effects fascinate the viewer through almost unbelieveble dynamics and thus become the symbol for the exponentiating power of love, for unity and duality in one. If, however, two steel areas are cut symmetrically, the sculpture radiates a wonderful constancy, power and tranquility.

Walker's complex paintings in strong, harmonious oil colours or in delicate shades of watercolours take the viewer into infinite expanses of light-flooded inner worlds. In aesthetically cool stone deserts the concept of perfect female beauty celebrates its beeing. The visions of the eternally female are in the centre of image and statement- sacrosanct, static and lonely.

Here, too, the viewer encounters himself, longing or being, dissolving or consolidating in the wonderful world of visionary beauty.

The artist, born in Bern in 1953, studied at the Liceo artistico in Bolzano and the Accademia di belle arti in Florence. He has been living in Switzerland since 1976 where he runs an art and planning studio. In the design of fine jewellery Walker continues his language of shape and his fascinating vision in gold and precious stones - sophisticated, delicate and stylish.

Oetwil, September 2002,
Dr. Andrea Fischbacher

Design by Mark Walker